Coolest Baddest Tie Dye Shirt Ever


Steps to Make a Cool Tie-Dye Shirt

  1. Find a white shirt, 100% cotton preferably.
  2. Prepare your supplies. If you get a dye kit, it comes with everything you need. If you don’t have a kit, read the next step.
  3. You will need dye, rubber gloves, rubber bands, squeeze bottles for dye, warm (not hot) water, urea, soda ash, gigantic zip lock bags, tub for soaking the shirts, and a wooden dowel.
  4. Soak the shirt in warm water and soda ash for 10 minutes. Wear the gloves.
  5. Wring as much water as possible out the shirt.
  6. Place the shirt flat down and spin it using the dowel in a clockwise twirl. It should look like the inside of a rose.
  7. Remove the dowel without disturbing the shirt. If the swirl gets messed up, the finished product will look bad.
  8. Put the rubber bands all around the shirt to keep it from losing its shape. Keep it flat.
  9. Fill the bottles with dye.
  10. Squeeze the dye into different pie-like sections. Don’t leave any white spaces. There are already white spaces in the folds of the shirt. Overlapping the colors will create cool patterns.
  11. Turn it over and do the same thing. Or do it differently, it doesn’t matter.
  12. Put in the zip lock bag and wait for 24-36 hours.
  13. Take it out and unwrap it using the gloves.
  14. Run it under cold water and let all the dye rinse out. It has already gotten into the fabric so it’s okay to rinse it out.
  15. Keep rinsing until the water is clear.
  16. Wash the shirt in the washing machine by itself and dry it.
  17. Shirt is ready to wear now!

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