Making A Clay Vase (Pottery)


*You will need a pottery wheel*


  1. Knead the clay with your hand until you get all of the air bubbles out of it. If you slice it with thread, you can check for air bubbles.
  2. Make a ball of clay and toss it around in your hands to loosen it up.
  3. Dry your wheel and make sure you have a bucket of water near you.
  4. Throw the clay onto the center of the wheel.
  5. Start spinning the wheel. While you spin, wet the clay a little and use a hand to keep it steady.
  6. Wet your hands and work the clay into a cone.
  7. Use your thumb to put a hole in the middle while you are still spinning.
  8. Use your hand to make the hole of the vase as big as you want it.
  9. Pull the clay up from the bottom. Keep spinning.
  10. Spread the top out to make a ridge.
  11. Remove vase from wheel.
  12. Put the vase in the fire and pray you don’t burn it and have to start over.
  13. You are done.

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